The Audit Trail report shows the changes made to a submitted timesheet. To track the changes made to an un-submitted timesheet, the DCAA Compliance has to be enabled. After enabling the DCAA Compliance, Web TimeSheet will start tracking all the changes made to the timesheet from the time it is generated.
The following data will be tracked and shown in the Audit Trail report:

If you do not want DCAA Compliance to remain turned on, you can enable it once and then disable it. Please make a note of the Current Settings on the DCAA Compliance page prior to enabling the DCAA Compliance so that later on when disabling it, you can undo the changes made to the instance by the DCAA Compliance.

To enable the DCAA Compliance, please perform the following:

  • Log into the Web TimeSheet as an admin.
  • Click on Administration from the top menu.
  • Click on System Preferences under System section in the side menu.
  • Click on DCAA Compliance tab.
  • Put a check mark in the box beside Enable DCAA Compliance. (Make sure Require comments for timesheet changes is also checked. It gets checked automatically when enabling the DCAA Compliance.)
  • Set the Log Timesheet Changes to Always.
  • Click on Save.
  • The above process should enable timesheet change tracking.
  • In case you would not like to have DCAA enabled you can disable the DCAA Compliance.
  • Uncheck the box beside Enable DCAA Compliance and save it.

The Audit Trial report will not show any data for a timesheet if there are no changes made to the timesheet.
The Audit Trial report will not show any changes made to an un-submitted timesheet if the DCAA Compliance is not turned on and the Log Timesheet Changes is not set to Always.

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