For CloudClock users, it is possible to track attendance details of employees using Attendance Report which is available in the Reports section of Web TimeSheet. This report can be found under the Time Reports section.


The attendance details that can be viewed in this report are:


Enabling the Attendance Report for a user:

The Attendance Report has to be enabled in the report permission assigned to the user. In order to enable it in the report permission of the user, please follow the below given steps:

  • Login to the Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on Administration from the top menu.
  • Click on Users under Shortcuts or Users/Departments section in the left menu.
  • Select the user from the Users List page and click on Edit.
  • In the Edit User Page, under the Access tab see which permission is assigned to the user.
  • Close the Edit User page.
  • Click on Permissions on the left menu under User/Departments.
  • In the Permissions list page, click on the permission that was assigned to the user.
  • In the Edit Permission page, click on Reports under Required Fields.
  • Click on the + sign beside the Time Reports.
  • In the drop down, put a check mark in the box beside Attendance Report.
  • Click on Save.

This will affect all the users who are assigned this permission. If this report has to be enabled only for a single user or specific users, it is recommended to create a new permission with the Attendance Report enabled and assign it to the user or the specific users.


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