Unable to access Replicon Touch!

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When users try to access Replicon Touch through Android and/or IOS devices, they get an error 'You do not have permission to use Replicon’s mobile applications. Please contact your Web Timesheet administrator to have the permission enabled.'

This usually happens with users who do not have permission to access Replicon Mobile app. Two permission options in the user's permission have not been enabled.

Enable the permissions Use Replicon Mobile app and Allow mobile Locked In/Out timesheet in the user permission to resolve this issue.
Follow the steps below to enable these permissions.

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as Administrator.
  • Click on Administration tab from the top.
  • Click on Permissions under User/Departments in the left menu and edit the permission that is assigned to the user.
  • Expand Integrations under System section
  • Enable the permission options  Use Replicon Mobile app  and Allow mobile Locked In/Out timesheet.
  • Click on Save.

Request the user to access the Replicon Touch after 20 to 25 minutes of making the change to the permission.

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