Unable to save the Timesheet (In-Out format only) if schedule is populated for the entire timesheet period and user enters time for a single day. A validation error shows up when saving the timesheet prompting to select Project/Task, for all days where Time has been populated.

This issue occurs when the user’s Permission allows time entry Against Project only. This permission settings makes the inbuilt validation rule to check if there is a Project/Task selection for each time entry across the timesheet period. If there are time entries and no Project/Task selection made the time entries will fail the validation and the user will be presented with the error message.

Change the users permission to allow time entry against Both.

To do enable this follow the steps listed below:

  • In the Permissions section, select the user's permission.
  • Click on the + sign beside the Timesheet section.
  • Locate the permission option Allow time to be entered
  • Select Both from the drop down list.

If the Allow time to be entered permission is set to Both, users will have the ability to submit a timesheet without selecting any Project or Task.

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