The Cloud Clock version 0.0.17 and higher support selection of activity codes in the timesheet.

System requirement:
QR access app update 0.0.17 or greater.

User requirement:
User should have Cloud Clock User permission and at least 1 Activity selected in the User Profile (under the Advanced tab).

Steps to enable selection of activity code on Cloud Clock:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on User under User/Department.
  • Double click on the user’s name to be edited.
  • Click on the Advanced tab in the user profile.
  • In the Activities section locate Select the default Activity.
  • In the drop down list select the Default Activity that should show up in the user’s timesheet.
  • Select <None> if no particular Activity has to be set as default.


  • Additionally you can allow users to edit the Activities after they have been recorded (through the web interface ONLY).
  • Enable the option Allow editing activity selection from clock in the Permission assigned to the users.



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