Unable to Open Offline Time Sheet and Expense Sheet in Internet Explorer 9!

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The administrator downloaded and Offline Expense Sheet and entered Expenses. However, when he saves it and tries open the saved Expense Sheet the expense sheet does not get refreshed and the expenses do not appear. The administrator is using Internet Explorer 9.0. Offline Timesheets exhibit the same behaviour.

Offline Expense Sheet's and Timesheets are only supported on Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0.

If a user wants to use Offline Expense Sheet and is using Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 please follow the steps below.

  • Launch Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools in the top menu and then select Internet Options in the drop down menu.
  • In the Internet Options window that pops up, click on the Security tab.
  • Click on Internet to highlight it.
  • Locate Default Level under Security level for this zone section and click on it.
  • It would display a scroll bar for the Security Level and by default it would be on Medium-high.
  • Scroll down and make sure that the Security Level is set to Medium.
  • Click on Apply and then OK.
  • Now launch the Offline Expense Sheet and then click Open and browse to the location where the Offline Expense Sheet is saved.
  • It would get refreshed and display the saved data.

Internet Explorer version 8.0 and above do not support Offline Expense Sheets and Offline Timesheets.

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