Web TimeSheet administrator has disabled the Time Attend seat assignment for one of the users. However, this user receives a scheduled Time Off History Report. The Report which is scheduled to be sent to all the users in the report has the Date Range and the Time Off filter enabled. (However, this report is not expected to be sent to any user who does not have TimeAttend license enabled)

The disabled user receives the scheduled Time Off History report because, when the Time Off filter is enabled in the report it would check time off for all the users including the user without TimeAttend license. Though the users TimeAttend license has been disabled, the user’s time off accrual do not get disabled. This would trigger the application to send the report to the user.

Create a new schedule for the Time Off History report. Enable the user filter in the report, and select the users in the filter. (The users without TimeAttend license would not be displayed in the filter)
To set up the report follow the steps given below:

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on Reports tab in the top menu.
  • Click on Report Schedules in the left menu.
  • Delete the Time Off History Report which was scheduled earlier.
  • Click on List Report and select the Time Off History Report.
  • Click on Report Settings, click on Filter and enable the User Filter and save the changes.
  • Click on the User drop down and enable Select specific users. The list would not contain the users whose Time Attend seat assignment is disabled.
  • Once done, click the Schedule icon and then give a Report Schedule Name, Schedule Type and select All the users listed in the report, along with the Report format and Date Range for which it would run the report and click Add.
  • This report would now be sent only to the users who have TimeAttend seat assignment.

When the user filter is enabled in the Time Off History report which was re-created and scheduled, it first looks at the users which it picks up from the users list in the application. It only displays the names of those who have time attend licenses assigned. In this case it checks the user profile and send's the report to the user's who have Time Attend seat assignments.

Hence the users who do not have Time Attend seat assignments would no longer receive the scheduled Time Off History Report. If the seat assignment for Time Attend is disabled for any other user the name would not appear in the list and the change would be dynamic.

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