9-80 work schedules is a work schedule used by many organizations. The following will be the features of the 9-80 work schedules:

  • Employees will have to log 80 hours for every two weeks.
  • Employees will have to work 9 days.
  • Employees gets an off every second Friday of their schedule.

However, there are some limitations in the Web Timesheet application that will stop us from implementing this work schedule. Following are the limitations:

  • Web Timesheet considers hours per day in the user’s profile as one day of time off.
  • The weekly offs cannot accommodate alternative week’s day offs.


  • In order to implement 9-80 schedule we will have to make some changes within the Web Timesheet application:
  • In user’s profile change the hours per day to 24 hours.
  • Enable the ability to book partial day off for the users.
  • Create a holiday calendar for these users which will have alternate Friday’s off. This holiday calendar will have to be associated within the user’s profile so that this will auto populate on the respective timesheets.


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