Discrepency in time transferred from Web TimeSheet to MS Project.

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Time entries for a specific task are not transferred while integrating a Web TimeSheet Project with MS Project.

The MS Project Integration Manager will always check for the Time Entry Allowed field prior to transferring the time entries for a specific Task. If the Time Entry Allowed field is de-selected then the time entries would not be transferred. This is a default behavior of the Integration Manager. The logic it uses is that if the time entry itself is disallowed for a task then it need not look for time entries and delay the transfer process.

Please ensure that for all tasks of a Project the Time Entry Allowed option is selected in Web TimeSheet, prior to starting the time transfer to MS Project.

If one doesn’t want the users to enter time against a task then please define an End Date for that task. Users will not be able to enter time after that specified end date and hence the objective of de-selecting the Time Entry Allowed will be achieved.

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