Why are some users not able to view some of the projects they are assigned to, in the timesheet?

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After users enter time against the projects in the timesheet and click the save button, some projects are removed from the timesheet. However, some of the projects are retained along with the time entered against them. Also, when the users select Add/Remove tasks in the timesheet they are unable to view some of the projects to which they are assigned to, and were able to select earlier.

The team for a project can be defined by adding departments and/or individual users to the project team assignment section. If a department is assigned to a project, all the users belonging to that department will be able to select the project in their timesheet and enter time against it.

If a Web TimeSheet administrator moves the users from one primary department to another, then the users will not be able to see the projects associated with their previous primary department.

If the users are to be moved to a new primary department, and if the new department is not associated with the users' projects, then the Web TimeSheet administrator has to manually add the users to the project team of those projects.

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