Administrator wants to create a link for Web TimeSheet in the web master web page so that the users need not type the url manually. They would get a link for Web TimeSheet and the link would take them to Web TimeSheet login page. The administrator is using web editor software to create links for the web sites on the company's intranet web page.

It is possible to create a web master web page which would allow the users to access Web TimeSheet without typing the url manually into the address bar of the browser, however it would only bring up the login page. The Company Key, Username, and Password field would be blank on the log in page. (This happens because the web editor only creates a link for the website and prevents the user from typing the URL manually. However, the field codes do not take User credentials into consideration).

To create a link for Web Timesheet in web master web page follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the web editor software, by opening it in a browser window.
  • Highlight the link which comprises the url for Web TimeSheet.
  • Once the link is highlighted and is enclosed within a grey box, click on Edit link which would be on the web editor software tools option section.
  • It would launch the url editor window.
  • Enter the complete url of Web TimeSheet i.e. Key
  • Make sure that the file setting should be search entire Web and Save the changes.
  • Refresh the web master web page and then click on the short cut link and it would launch Web TimeSheet. However the Company Key, User Name and the Password field would be blank.

To auto-populate the fields with the login information, the user's would be required to enter it manually and then make sure that Remember me on this computer option is checked and then click Login.
It should be done only for the first time, post which when the user's would access Web TimeSheet via the web master webpage, it would auto populate the credentials and the user's would not be required to type the credentials manually.

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