In Web TimeSheet a user level User Defined Field (UDF) named as Company Name exists. This UDF has a drop down list of all company names. While transferring users from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks as Vendors, when the UDF – Company Name is selected for mapping, there is no mapping available for QuickBooks in the Integration Manager.

There is no matching Custom Field in QuickBooks to be used for Vendors. User level User Defined Field (UDF) created in Web TimeSheet should match the a Custom Field created in QuickBooks used for Vendors.

Create a Custom Field in QuickBooks to be used for Vendors and matches the UDF name in the Web TimeSheet.

  • Log into QuickBooks as an Administrator.
  • Click the Vendors center in top menu.
  • Click the left tab in the left pane, named Vendors.
  • Right-click any name in the list and then click Edit.
  • Click the Additional Info tab.
  • Click the Define Fields button.


  • For each field you want to add: Enter the name you want to use in the Label column.
  • Select which lists the custom field applies to.
  • Click OK.


  • The new fields appear on the Additional Info tab.


  • Launch Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks and continue with the Vendor transfer.


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