To create a break rule:

  • Select Administration from the top menu.
  • From the TimeSheet Setup side menu, select Break Rules.
  • Click Add Break Rule.
  • Name the rule.
  • Enable the types of rules you want to include by selecting the appropriate check boxes and define each enabled rule.
  • Click Save Break Rule.

Example of a Break Rule:
Employees have to take a Meal Break if they work more than 6 hours. Employees have to take a Meal Break after 4 hours. Minimum and Maximum length of a Meal Break is 30 minutes.
If a user who is scheduled to work an 8 hour shift beginning at 9:00 am, is assigned this rule, the user must start the meal break at or before 1:00 pm. If the user fails to begin the meal break at this time or, is punched out for more or less than 30 minutes, a break rule violation will be flagged on the timesheet.

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