Data can be integrated between Web Timesheet and QuickBooks using the QuickBooks Integration Manager provided by Replicon. Here is an introduction to understanding what data in Web Timesheet maps to which Field in QuickBooks.

There are eight Data Types that can be transferred between Web Timesheet and QuickBooks. They are :

Among the above listed data types, all of the Prerequisite Data Types can be transferred in both directions, i.e from Web Timesheet to QuickBooks and from QuickBooks to Web Timesheet. However Time & Expenses can be transferred from Web Timesheet to QuickBooks only.

The table below shows how data from one application is stored in another and what are the terms used in each of the applications:

While transferring certain data types, a definition must be set as to how the data structures in Web Timesheet relates to the data structures in QuickBooks.
The table below shows the relationships that are possible when transferring Project Data from Web Timesheet to QuickBooks.

To setup Web Timesheet Integration Manager for Billing Purposes, please refer the link given below.

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