Unable to save Timesheet!

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User is unable to save the Timesheet.

Our SaaS Servers are designed to save data only when the user hits the Save button on the timesheet. Once the user performs this action a HTTP Packet with a set expiry date & time is created. This expiry date & time is set to 1 minute after the Save button is clicked. If our Servers don’t receive this HTTP packet, containing the Save button action, within the designated 1 minute then the packet is discarded and the save action fails. This is a Security feature.

Reason for the delay:
The most common reason for the packet not reaching our Servers on time is slow internet connection. It also could be due to a firewall/proxy server which delays the packet from being transported over to our Servers. However, the best person who explain the details of your networks set up and performance is your IT Administrator.

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