Unable to see the Status field in Export Report!

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Administrator wants to set up an export that will only export non-exported data. He wants to get the Status Field in the Export Report which would let him choose whether he wants to export time which had been previously exported. However when the Administrator runs the report, he is unable to get the option which would allow him to select the Non Exported Data.

The option for Status Field is available only for ADP exports. ADP export would be available only if ADP Web Applications and ADP PC/Payroll v5.1 are enabled in the user's permission. This permission would be available only if the TimeAttend module is enabled in Web TimeSheet. Also, the TimeAttend seat assignment should be enabled for the user.


If Time Attend module is enabled in Web TimeSheet, please follow the steps given below to enable the permission for ADP export for a user permission:

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as an Administrator.
  • Make sure the TimeAttend seat assignment is enabled for the Administrator. (Enable the seat assignment if it is not enabled)
  • Click on Permissions under the Users/Departments section in the side menu.
  • Edit the Administrator Permission.
  • Expand Integration and enable ADP Web Applications and ADP PC/Payroll v5.1, under Data Exports section.
  • Save the changes.
  • Now click on the Integration tab from the top menu.
  • In the side menu click on List Exports, which is located under Exports section.
  • The ADP Report's will be listed under Payroll Exports.
  • Select any ADP Report and the Administrator would get the option to export Non Exported records.

In case the Web TimeSheet does not have the TimeAttend module enabled. you have to get the license for Time Attend Module.

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