Can I review and approve/reject timesheets using iPhone Mobile App?

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Starting with iPhone Mobile App Version 1.1.1 approvers can review and approve/reject timesheets.

Approvers will be able to:

  • See an alert in the home menu and tab bar when items are waiting for approval.
  • View a list of timesheets waiting for approval, and approve multiple timesheets at once.
  • Enter approval comments.


  • View a list of entries in each timesheet.
  • Regular hours on the timesheet.
  • Total Overtime hours on the timesheet.
  • Total Time off hours on the timesheet.
  • Number of meal break penalties.
  • See the details of individual entries.

Additional details:

  • The list of pending timesheets, awaiting approval, is organized by approval due date, with the most overdue timesheet appearing on the list first.
  • When viewing individual timesheets, the approver can tap the > and < icons in the top bar to move forward and backwards through the pending timesheets.
  • The timesheet will show details according to the timesheet format.  For example, an In/Out timesheet shows In/Out time.
  • The approver will only see the entries he/she has permission to view (Eg: Project leader can only view entries for his projects).
  • The Comments field will auto-expand to show the whole comment, rather than just the first few words.


  • Approvers can only view timesheets; they cannot edit them.
  • Approvers cannot access their historical approvals through the mobile app.
  • Overtime and pay code information would not be available.
  • Time off entries will be listed in the timesheet, but the details of the entry cannot be viewed (tapping on the entry in the list does nothing).
  • Approval by external users is not supported yet.

Typically the validation that happens when a user submits a timesheet does not happen when the timesheet is being approved.  However, for the first 1-2 weeks after release, validation will be happening on approval.  Therefore, if conditions have changed between submit and approval, approvers will receive a “technical error”.  The approver can go to Web TimeSheet to approve the timesheet. 
For example:

  1. User enters time against Task A.
  2. User submits timesheet.
  3. Project manager closes Task A.
  4. Approver tries to approve timesheet.
  5. Approver will receive error that there is a technical problem and be asked to approve/reject that particular timesheet in Web TimeSheet.


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