Expenses entered in Web Timesheet cannot be transferred as an Item into QuickBooks using QuickBooks Integration Manager. The below given error message shows up.

Cannot transfer expense for <username> on <row #> as the account does not exist in QuickBooks.

An expense can be transferred to QuickBooks as an Item only if it is Billable to a client. If marked as Non-billable, it can be transferred to the account as an Expense. Sometimes, if a user accidentally / intentionally mark an expense as non-billable and the Administrator / Supervisor tries to transfer the same using QuickBooks Integration Manager, it would show up the above given error specified because there would not be any account created for that entry.

In Replicon Expense Sheets check the entries which failed to transfer, and ensure that the entries are marked as Billable. If the expenses have to be transferred as Items in QuickBooks then make sure they are marked as Billable.

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