In the Historical Expenses page, the billable amount is shown as N/A even though user has entered expenses against a billable project.

This issue is usually caused because the Bill client option is not enabled in the settings of the expense sheet. If the Bill client option is not selected while entering expenses against a billable project, then Web Timesheet will treat it as an expense amount which is not billable to the client. Hence, the billable total column displays N/A on the historical expenses page.

Enable Bill client option in the Settings section of the expense sheet.

Steps to enable Bill Client in Settings:

  • In the expense sheet click on the Settings button at the bottom.
  • Locate Bill Client option.
  • Enable it by putting a check mark in the check box beside it.
  • Click on Save.
  • The Bill Client column with the check boxes should show up in the expense sheet.
  • When required put a check mark in the check box for an expense billable to client.



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