When you try to import a .csv file through the CSV Import section of Web Timesheet, you get the following error The format of the file you provided is not valid. Please use a CSV file only. This error shows up though the import file is in .CSV format.


This error could occur due to any one of these two reasons.

  • The .csv file which is being imported, is still open and in use.
  • When you are trying to import the .csv file located physically on on another computer. i.e the file is being accessed via a shared/mapped drive.

Ensure the .csv file that you wish to import is saved on the computer from where the Web TimeSheet application is being currently accessed (example: My Documents or desktop).
The .csv file should not be in open state (edit mode) when importing it into Web TimeSheet. Make sure the file is closed before starting the import.

The reason why a properly formatted .csv file is not imported when importing from a mapped drive is because of restrictions / permissions each computer has in accessing data from another computer.

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