When accessing the monthly/quarterly/yearly Productivity, the productivity report shows and calculates the productivity of disabled users. It measures the productivity progress for a department inclusive of the disabled users.

This happens when productivity targets are set for users over a period of time and then they are disabled. For any given month/quarter/year, if there are productivity targets set, the productivity is calculated irrespective of the user's status in the system.
For example a user has an end date set as 20 Feb 2012, and that users profile was disabled in Replicon after that date. If the users productivity has been set for any month after February 2012, then the reports would reflect this disabled user.

To correct the data, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Enable the users.
  • Ensure that the Time Bill License assignment is enabled for these users.
  • Go to Productivity Targets under Projects.
  • Delete the targets set for the months where the users would be disabled.
  • Save the settings.
  • Disable the users.


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