Time entries are transferred to QuickBooks from Web Timesheet using the QuickBooks Integration Manager. Sometimes the book keeper may want to edit the time entries of some users in QuickBooks.

It is always recommended to edit the Historical Timesheets  in Web TimeSheet and make the required changes before re-transferring the timesheet's to QuickBooks using Integration Manager for QuickBooks. It helps in maintaining data consistency and data integrity across applications.

If it is a requirement to directly edit time entries for Vendors/Employees in QuickBooks without editing the timesheets in Web TimeSheet, follow the steps listed below: 

  • From the Employee menu, select Enter Time in the drop down list and then select Use Weekly Timesheet.

  • In the Name field click on the arrowhead pointing downwards and select the Employee/Vendor.
  • In the Week Of, click on the calendar and select the correct date.
  • In the Customer:Job column, click the down arrow and select the Customer:Job.
  • In the Service Item column, click on the down arrow and select the Service Item.
  • Under each column for the Day of the week, edit or enter the hours.

  • If the hours have to be billable, select Billable.
  • Click on Save & Close.


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