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The administrator wants the Email Notifications to be sent as per the user's time zone.

In the System Preferences, the Time zone to apply has to be set to Time zone set for each user. When this option is set, email notifications which has send time set to user-selectable, are now sent based on the recipient’s time zone (as set in their user profile).

For example:
If the user is located in Pacific time zone,  however the company is located in Eastern time zone, then, if you specify that Timesheet Due email notification should be sent at 9AM, it will be sent at 9AM Pacific time, not at 9AM Eastern time, which is the company time zone.

The only exceptions to this are:

  • The Task Assignment Modified (Batch) notification is always sent based on company time zone.
  • Notifications forwarded to substitute users are always sent in the time zone of the user for whom they are substituting.