When a user accesses timesheet or expense sheet on Mobile App, the Data displayed is out of sync with the data in Web TimeSheet.

This usually happens when the app has not updated and the data seen on the app is older than the data in the Web TimeSheet.

If changes were made to timesheets and expense sheets in Web TimeSheet, and the user is not seeing those changes in the mobile app:

  • Ask the user to return to the home page in the app.
  • Ask the user to tap the TimeSheet or Expense icon (depending on which data they want to refresh).
  • This action will cause the app to download any updates from Web TimeSheet (excluding expense sheets that were deleted in Web TimeSheet).

For changes to other types of data, such as permissions and projects, the data is synced on a schedule.
If the user does not want to wait to see their updated data there are two options:

  • Log out of the app, then log back in. (Manually logging out clears the local database, causing all the data to be downloaded fresh again.)
  • Uninstall and Re-install the Mobile App.


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