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Error while transferring Expense Sheets from Web TimeSheet to Vendor Bills in QuickBooks. Expense Sheet is Non-Billable and Reimbursable. The error message that shows up is The "billable status" field has been an invalid value "NotBillable". QuickBooks error message: Target is not reimbursable.

The main cause of the issue is when the Expense Sheet is Non-Billable and Reimbursable it should be mapped to Non-Billable Items instead of Non-Billable Expenses.

To resolve the issue launch Web Timesheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks and map fields as shown below:

Billable and Reimbursable ————-Billable Items
Billable and Non-Reimbursable ——–Billable Items
Non-Billable and Reimbursable ——–Non Billable Items
Non Billable and Non-Reimbursable —Non Billable Items