Selecting timeoff in Web TimeSheet to be transferred to Web Resource:

  • Log into Web Resource as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration tab and then click on Web TimeSheet integration in the drop down list.
  • In the Web TimeSheet integration page, click on the Time Off tab at the top.
  • Select the users whose timeoff bookings has to be transferred, by moving their names from Available Users to Selected Users.
  • Select the time off types you want to transfer Available Time Off Types to Selected Time Off Types.
  • In the Other Settings section, configure these options:

    • Use Bookings Between:
      Select the date range for the time off you would like to transfer. If you choose not to clear existing bookings, any bookings that conflict with existing bookings will not be transferred, and a conflict message will displayed. Any booking that falls partially within this date range will be transferred. If such a booking conflicts with an existing booking that falls outside the date range, you will receive a conflict message and the new booking will not be transferred.
    • Use Partial Day Bookings:
      Select whether you'd like to transfer all partial day bookings, none, or only ones over a chosen number of hours in length.
      Partial-day bookings will be created as full day bookings if transferred.
      If you choose not to transfer partial-day bookings:
      Full day bookings will always be transferred. If multi-day booking exists with start and/or end days that are partial day bookings, those partial days will not be transferred, although all full days within the booking will be.
      If you choose to transfer partial day bookings: All transferred partial day bookings will appear as full day bookings in Web Resource. If multiple partial day bookings exists on a single day for a user in Web TimeSheet, only the first booking will be transferred. A conflict message will display for the bookings that are not transferred.
    • Clear all bookings within date range before transfer:
      By checking this option, specify that bookings that exist in Web Resource for the selected date range, users and time off types will be deleted before bookings are transferred. Any booking that falls partially within the date range will be deleted completely. If you enable this option, and attempt to transfer multiple partial day time off booking for a single day for a user, each entry will overwrite the preceding transferred entry (i.e. only the last partial-day booking will be transferred).
  • In the Transfer field, enable the Time Off check box.


  • Only approved time off bookings will be transferred. Time off that users entered directly in their timesheets will not be transferred.
  • Resources and time off types must exist in Web Resource before bookings can be transferred.
  • Resources do not need time off booking permission in Web Resource for their time off bookings to be transferred.
  • Before you can transfer time off to Web Resource, you must have the RepliConnect API enabled for the Web TimeSheet instance you're connecting to, and you must enter your API connection string in the RepliConnect API Connection String field under System Preferences.

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