A User Defined Field (UDF) of the type Number is used to provide unique numbers to each task of a project and eventually used to track different tasks.



Time is entered by users against these tasks in the timesheet.

When the TimeSheet Hour Detail report is run and grouped by users, the values of the UDF gets added up and presents as a summed up figure for each user.

Since the User Defined Field (UDF) is at task level, it will be dependent on the task in the report. If the task has the same name, then the report  Hence it requires some kind of differentiator in the report to keep the data in the UDF from getting added up. This behaviour is by the design of the application. 

You can use one of the following workarounds in order to overcome this behaviour:

  1. Add the task name column as the differentiator in the report. Then export the report to excel and then remove the unwanted column in the report.
  2. Create the user defined field as text and not number. This will keep from the values getting added in the report.




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