There are a number of preferences at the system level that are related to entering and tracking time off. These can be configured under each Time Off Type. These settings affect the Time Off Type globally for each type. The Time Off type can be accessed through the Time Off Set up section.

Minimum amount of time off required in bookings:
These settings allows to define the minimum increment by which users can book time off's. There are five options available:

  • None: Selecting this will enable users to book time off's using parts of hours (For Example: 0.75, 2.25) or full hours. They will also be able to book half or full days.
  • Full Hour: If this option is selected, then users should book time off's using full hour increments (For Example: 1, 2, 4 hours) or full days.
  • 1/4 Day: Selecting this option will enable users to make time off bookings for 1/4, 1/2 or full days only.
  • 1/2 Day: By selecting this option you will be able to enforce users to make time off bookings for 1/2 or full days only.
  • Full Day: Upon selecting this option, the users will be able to make time off bookings for full days only.

Require start/end times for partial day bookings:
If enabled, this option will enforce users to enter start and end dates while making partial day time off bookings. Users will not be allowed to submit a time off booking without the start and end date (The start time and end time should be specified).

Time Off Display Format:
This option will define whether time off balances are displayed in days or hours in timesheets, time off bookings, calendars and reports.

Track Time as:
This option is is used to track the remaining Time (balance) or the Time taken. The options available are Do Not Track, Track As Time Remaining, or Track As Time Taken.

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