‘No Matched User’ message received while transferring Time from Web Resource to Web TimeSheet

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While trying to transfer time entries from Web Timesheet to Web Resource one might encounter an error No Matched User.

In Web Resource every resource needs to be assigned to a task prior to transferring time. While doing so the Resource individually has a Start and End Date defined against that task. This date determines the day this resource is supposed to start working against that task and when to end. The Task itself also has a Start and End date defined. It is not necessary, the user’s Start and End Date will coincide with the Task’s Start and end date.

Ensure that the resource’s Start Date and End Date is either exactly the same as the Task’s Start and End Date or it’s a subset of the Task’s Start and End Date.

If the Resource is transferred from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource via Integration it might sometimes pick up the incorrect start and end dates for the Resource.

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