Design a Time off policy for the employees, that will force them to take atleast 5 days of leave before the 30th of June every year or they would loose those 5 days. As per the company’s HR policy  employees are forced to take atleast 5 days of leave in the first half of the year. This is to ensure a good work-life balance. The total accrual for the year happens on 1st January every year.

Within the application there is no means to force users to take a time off. However, we can set up the policy such that if users don’t utilize the leaves before a certain they would lose a certain amount of their balance.
These workaround policies have to be set up each year for each user.

Steps to set up policies:
To achieve this we need to ensure that the same Time Off policy has two separate effective dates in the same year.

First policy:
Effective Date:- January 1, 2012
Balance:- Set To Zero Days
Accrue:- By 15 days Yearly on 1st January
Reset:- No Reset
Advanced:- No Limits

Second policy:
Effective Date:- July 1, 2012
Balance:- Carry up to 10 days
Accrue:- No Accrue
Reset:-No Reset
Advanced:- No Limits

This workaround policy would be effective for one year. If these 2 policies are not set up the next year, the system would automatically continue with the second policy.

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