To Add a new User in Web Timesheet, please follow the steps below :

Log in as an Administrator.
Click on the Administration tab at the top and then click on Users in the left side menu.
The Window that comes up now, provides you with options to fill in the various details of the new User. You can fill in the First Name, Last Name and the system will automatically create a UserName. If you do not like it, you can change it now.
Once you have filled in all the appropriate options under all the Tabs then click on the 'Save' button to create this User in Web Timesheet.

You can also create a User with bare minimum information and later on can fill in the rest of the details. The columns marked with a Star in the 'Access' Tab and 'Advanced' Tab are important and have to be filled in.
If you have enabled the option to send 'Welcome e-mail message' in E-mail notifications and if you have entered the correct e-mail address for this User, then he will get the e-mail with his Username and Password as a Welcome Message.



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