Web TimeSheet can be configured to run based on the company or user’s time zone.  User’s can choose whether the time zone is indicated in time stamps, either as an abbreviation or an offset.

  • To enable a single time zone for the whole company:

    • Set Time zone to apply to Company time zone in the System Preferences
    • Set Company time zone to the appropriate value
  • To enable a time zone for each user:

    • Set Time zone to apply to Time zone set for each user.
    • Set Company time zone to the time zone where the majority of users are located

      • This time zone will be used for system-wide processes (more info below).  It will also be used as the default when adding new users.
    • Set the Time zone field in each user profile to the appropriate value
  • After changing time zone settings, the user must log out and log in again for them to take effect.
  • Once time zones are enabled, through Settings, users can choose whether a time zone identifier is displayed when they view time stamps.  The admin can set a default value for new users in Default User Preferences.



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