A user who processes payroll needs access to the Historical TimeSheet feature to validate the daily time entry on a per-user basis but should not have privileges to make any changes to the TimeSheets.

Yes, it is possible to assign a user with Read-only Historical TimeSheets feature, with this permission user can view all the TimeSheets and if required can print the timesheets but will not have any other privileges.

The steps listed below explains how this can be achieved,

  • Login to Web TimeSheet with Administrator privileges.
  • Click on Permissions under Users/Departments section, and click the  icon beside the Permission assigned to the user.


  • Click + to expand Administration.


  • Enable Offline option under Historical Timesheets and Save the changes.



  • User will have access to the Administration tab and would be able to access Historical Timesheets section with viewing and printing privileges only.



Enabling a feature or option in a permission affects all the users for whom that particular permission has been enabled.


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