Can I use Locked In/Out time sheet format to punch in/out using the iPhone app?

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Locked In/Out users can punch in/out using the iPhone app, as long as they do not have any required fields (Mandatory fields) on their timesheet.

Additional information:

  • When the user logs in, they will be taken to a punch page, which provides:

    • A punch button.
    • Time of last punch in/out.
    • How long they have been punched in/out.
  • The punch page takes the place of the traditional home page for Locked In/Out users.  Navigation is done solely through the tab bar

    • The tab bar icon for Timesheets is slightly different for these users.
  • From the punch page, the user can navigate to list of timesheets and their entries, just like other users.
  • While punched in, or after punching out, the user can choose the project, activity, etc by editing the entry.
  • If an entry is in progress (ie the user has not punched out yet), it shows In progress.

  • On first login, the user will be prompted to allow location tracking.  If they agree, we track the location of the punch.  However, there is no way to get this data in Web TimeSheet yet.
  • If the user has any timesheet fields that are required (eg Comments, project, Activity, UDF), they will not be able to use the app yet.
  • The administrator will need to enable the permission for the mobile Locked in/out timesheet.  This permission allows administrators to control whether their user’s can punch in/out when outside the office.
  • The punch time is taken from the device’s time.


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