The Web TimeSheet does not integrate directly with Sage AccPac 500. However, there are 2 different features in Web TimeSheet which would allow data transfer from Web TimeSheet to Sage AccPac 500.

  • RepliConnect API.
  • .CSV files.

RepliConnect API:
The RepliConnect API is an application program interface, which allows you to access and edit your Web TimeSheet data, and to create custom integrations with Sage AccPac 500.
The RepliConnect API can be used by custom built application to transfer data between Web TimeSheet and Sage AccPac 500.
To know more about RepliConnect API visit

.CSV files:
Data can be exported from Web TimeSheet using .CSV files. Reports in Web TimeSheet are used to export data as .CSV files. Hence specific reports can be configured to export the required information in .CSV format, which then, can be imported into Sage AccPac 500.


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