The Billable total column in the Historical Expenses screen shows the Total Amount to be billed to the client(s) when an expense is raised against the project(s) associated with the client(s). Each billable amount shown in the Historical Expense sheet is related to the expense sheet in the same row.

The Billable total column is linked to the Bill Client column in the expense sheet. If the Bill Client is enabled in the expense sheet it will show the amount, else it will show N\A. The Billable total column is not linked to whether the project is billable or not. The Billable total column may show the amount even when the Bill client field is disabled. This may happen due to the following scenarios,

  • The Bill client column in the expense sheet may be disabled after the expense was submitted.
  • The Bill client column is enabled but hidden in the expense sheet as the user disabled it in his expense sheet.

The Billable total column will show N\A only if the Bill client column is disabled prior to submitting the expense sheet or when the check mark is removed from that column in the expense sheet if it is enabled.


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