In some companies, some users are not added to Web TimeSheet, as they are not regular timesheet users. However, there may be instances when these users have to work on projects, and hence require them to enter time in the timesheet. These periods of time entry can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Such time projects may not necessarily happen at regular intervals, the intervals can be a few weeks to a few months. The requirement is also such that, these users should not receive any notification e-mails during the period when they are not using the timesheet, nor should timesheets be generated for such periods. Finally, these users should not be utilizing the license seats during inactive period.


Phase One:

  • Create an Employee Type by the name Temp Users.
  • Create the Users and assign their Employee Type as Temp Users and their TimeSheet Period as Employee Type. The rest of the set up can remain same as other users’.

    • Create a TimeSheet period for the weeks these users (Temp Users) are supposed to work on the Project.
    • Click on the Administration tab.
    • Click on Timesheet Periods in the side menu.
    • Click on Employee Type Tab.
    • Add a new Timesheet Period for Temp Users.
  • The Temp users should be able to enter time in their timesheets.

If you do not want the user to have an extra unwanted timesheet, then you can change the start date of the user, in the users profile, to the starting day the new phase of work begins.

At the end of this phase, when the project is complete or the work period is complete, disable this User by checking the box Disable User in the Users Profile. (This ensures that the license seat is freed, the User does not receive any e-mail notification for submission of a Timesheet and neither will Timesheets be generated.)

Second Phase:

  • Create a Manual Timesheet Period for the time the user has not worked in Web Timesheet. For example: if his last timesheet ended on 31st of Jan 2012 and he is going to resume work once again from July 1st 2012, then create a Manual Timesheet Period with Start Date = 1st Feb 2012 and End Date = 30th June 2012. This will create a Manual Timesheet and you can let this timesheet remain in the system without any data.
  • Then create another Timesheet Period for the time the worker will be working in the second Phase, where the start date would be after the end date of the above example, i.e. 1st July 2012.
  • Steps 1 and 2 of the Second Phase can be repeated for as many times the user would be coming back to Web Timesheet to enter time on an adhoc basis.

By following the above Steps we will be able to manage those employees who are entering time on an adhoc basis on Web Timesheet.


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