Estimated hours has been entered within a few Projects. When a user runs Project Status Hours Pivot Report (used to compare a Projects Actual Hours vs Total Estimated Hours), it shows the Estimated hours as twice the value of the Actual Estimated Hours i.e. if we have Estimated Hours set to 10 Hrs within a Project, the Pivot report shows estimated Hours as 2 x 10 = 20 Hours. Moreover, a few users working within the project have AUD$ and other users have been assigned USD$.

The issue is caused by the pivot report control due to the presence of 2 different type of currencies(AUD$ and USD$), making the report to simply sum the 2 estimated hours which double the value.

The solution for this issue will be to add the pivot report to better present data by adding the Project and Cost Amount Currency fields to the bottom of the pivot control to let it know on which to group the data.

  • Right click the graphical part and click Field List…
  • Drag the Project field onto the bottom of the control.
  • Drag the Cost Amt Currency to the bottom to be placed beside the Project field.
  • Run the report.


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