While using CSV import which ‘Expense Entry field’ names differ from the corresponding field names in expense sheet?

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When importing expense sheets using CSV import option, there are some of the Expense Entry Field names in the CSV import section which are different than the field names displayed on the expense sheet.

The following table helps in creating a CSV file or selecting the correct column in the CSV Import section of Web TimeSheet while importing the CSV file.

Field Name 

About this field

Entry Amount

Maps to Amount in the expense sheet

Entry date

Maps to Date Incurred on the expense sheet

Entry Expense Type

Maps to Type on the expense sheet (Must match an existing expense code in Web TimeSheet)

Rate Currency

Maps to the currency included in the Rate field for rated expenses

Sheet Date

Maps to the Date field in the header of the expense sheet

Sheet Description

Maps to the Description field in the header of the expense sheet 



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