If multiple Approvers are assigned in the Approval Path of TimeSheet or Time Off, and one of the approver in the sequence is disabled then the timesheet or timeoff is stalled, waiting for the disabled approver to approve.


  • Enable the disabled user (Approver) for the time being.
  • Add the administrator as the Substitute user for this approver, with approval or full access.
  • Administrator switches over as the approver and approves the timesheet or timeoff.
  • Remove the said approver from the approval paths.
  • Add an enabled user as the approver in place of the old approver.
  • Disable the user (old approver).

Administrator can approve the TimeSheet from the Historical Timesheets. However this will override the approval sequence. If there are other approvers in the path, after the disabled approver, they would not get to approve the timesheet or timeoff.


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