To view only those Task Names and Project Names that have 'Estimated Hours' not equal to 0 by using Project Status Report.

If we view Project Status Report with default Project Names and Task Estimated Hours columns selected, the report does not filter if the Task Estimated Hours is actually 0 or has any value. In a situation where you would like to view only those Project Names / Task Names that have a definite value of Estimated Hours (Estimated hours not equal to 0), then the below given custom columns will help get the data.

Custom Column 1: Project Name
               Formula: if(TaskEstimatedHours=0,"",ProjectName)

Custom Column 2: Task Name
               Formula: if(TaskEstimatedHours=0,"",TaskName)

Custom Column 3: Task Estimated Hours
               Formula: if(TaskEstimatedHours=0,"",NumberToText(TaskEstimatedHours))

When these custom columns are enabled, you should ensure that the default Project Name, Task Name and Task Estimated Hours should not be enabled as they will create duplication of data.


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