A new Timesheet Period filter is now available in select Timesheet, Administration, Billing, and Time Off reports. This filter allows you to view data for users' current timesheet period, or their last timesheet period.

If you are viewing data for multiple users who have different timesheet periods, this filter differs from the Current Timesheet Period and Last Timesheet Period options already available in the Date Range filter:

The difference is:

  • In the existing Date Range filter, if you select the Current Timesheet Period option, data from the start date of the earliest timesheet period until the end date of the latest timesheet period will display for all users. For example, if today is January 16, and you're reporting on User A whose timesheet period is January 13 to 19, and User B, whose timesheet period is January 15 to 21, you will see all data for User A and B from January 13 to January 21.
  • In this new filter, only data from each user's actual current timesheet period will display in the report. So for the example above, you will see January 13 to 19 data for User A and January 15 to 21 data for User B.

This new filter is available (disabled by default) in the following report templates, and in reports based on them:

  • Banked Time Details
  • Pay Code Hours Details
  • Payroll Details
  • Timesheet Audit Trail
  • Timesheet Billing
  • Timesheet Hours Details
  • Timesheet Hours with Time Off Types
  • Timesheet List
  • Timesheet Status Details
  • User Hours Details


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