When Web Timesheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks is launched it asks for Session ID.

The main cause of the issue is in the online edition of QuickBooks, the authorization happens through Session ID generated by QuickBooks.


  • While setting up Web Timesheet Integration Manager for the first time, follow the below steps:
  • Login to Web Timesheet as an administrator.
  • Make sure QuickBooks related permissions are enabled for the Administrator permission.
  • Launch Web Timesheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks and a window pops-up prompting for the Session ID.
  • Click on QuickBooks Login and it will open the QuickBooks login page in a new window.
  • Login to QuickBooks online edition.
  • Once logged in to the QuickBooks, it will present a alpha numeric number called Session ID.
  • Copy and paste the session ID into the Integration Manager and click on Ok.
  • This will create an authorization between QuickBooks and Web Timesheet and now the data can be transferred easily.

After connecting to QuickBooks online edition, if session ID is not visible, it may be because the pop-up is not enabled.
If it is not enabled, enable it in Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools > Click on Options > Click on privacy tab > Uncheck Turn on pop-up blocker.
Re-launch Web Timesheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks and click on QuickBooks login again, this time it shows the session ID.


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