Some entries in the Name Field of the report have the word Disabled next to it. Issue seen in all reports.

When any report is run it has to generate unique values for the primary fields like User name, Project name etc. If the value for this field is duplicated in the Database then the application automatically adds a extra key to it to display only unique values.

In this specific case, Replicon Administrator had created multiple users with the same name. The user's First Name and Last name was exactly the same. This meant 2 users with the same name. Of the 2 accounts, 1 was disabled and other was enabled. Application had data against both the entries in different Timesheet Periods.

When any report was run including the Username field, the report had to create unique username for both the accounts. For this purpose the username field had the word Disabled next to the disabled account's username and the other name had the username alone.

If I have a username: Tom Frank with one account as enabled and the other as disabled the report will have the names as following:
1. Tom Frank
2. Tom Frank (Disabled)
This when displayed in a project report customer can't use it to display to their clients.

De-select the username field in the report and create a new custom column by the name username. In this field use the formula mentioned below –

If(UserEnabled=1,(UserFirstName+" "+ " "+UserLastName),(UserFirstName+" " + " "+UserLastName + " Disabled"))

If the above formula is used then the example used above will be displayed as:

1. Tom Frank
2. Tom Frank Disabled

The word Disabled used above is a text character and cen be replaced by any other text that the customer wants to use.

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