Web TimeSheet administrator creates a new custom formula as shown below but receives an "Formula is not valid" error message even when there is no notable errors in the formula.
BillableHours – NonBillableHours

The formula was edited using Microsoft Word and the Minus symbol used in the formula, in the above scenario was converted to Hyphen by Microsoft Word and was copies over to the Web TimeSheet custom columns. Microsoft Word does not use plain text characters, they may use special character which the Web TimeSheet custom column will not be able to interpret hence the error.

One of the following steps can be used to rectify this issue,

  • Print the Word document to a PDF file and then copy and paste the formula from the PDF file to Web TimeSheet.
  • Copy the formula to Notepad and then copy the same formula from Notepad and paste it over to Web TimeSheet.
  • Manually type the formula in Web TimeSheet.


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