How to restrict users from submitting timesheets without time entries.

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To restrict users from submitting timesheet without time entries, use one or more methods given below:

  • Validation Rules: This requires the Time & Attendance license.
  • Approvals: A process wherein, the approver reviews the timesheet and if no hours are recorded against the project then the timesheet can be rejected with the approver's comment on it, requesting to fill in time before submitting timesheet.
  • Reports: The Timesheet Detail report in Web TimeSheet for example, has a filter Time Entry Status which helps in listing only the timesheets that do not have the time entries. Manually send e-mails to these users, requesting to fill time before submitting their timesheet.
  • Disclaimers: A disclaimer can be displayed on every users timesheet, requesting to fill time. To setup disclaimer in Web TimeSheet, go to Web TimeSheet > Administration (top menu bar) > Communications (left panel) > Disclaimers > Disclaimer Type: Timesheet.
  • Locked In-out: The Locked In-out timesheet format can be used only to a certain extent.


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