Project Manager has added a new project to Web TimeSheet and would like to track each individual task progress based on individual team members hours spent on the task and not based on the entire project estimated hours. Each individual team member must see their own progress against their individual estimated hours against each task.

To track individual team members progress against their respective estimated hours under each of the respective tasks, follow the steps given below:

  • Create sub-tasks under each of the tasks in the names of the individual team member.
  • Assign only the respective team members to their respective sub-task.
  • Ensure that each of sub-tasks have their respective estimated hours and estimated cost updated.
  • Make sure to uncheck Time Entry Allowed on each of the parent task level (both project level and each of task levels).
  • Go to Administration (top menu bar) > System (left pane) > System Preferences and enable Roll up hours/cost from sub-tasks to parent task/project and click Save.
  • Refer the attached screenshots for illustration.

Use this project as a template and create future projects based on this, so all the team members, assignments and project structure etc. get created in the new project without the need of recreating the entire project structure and assignments again.


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