When there are users with the same 'First' and 'last' name, Web TimeSheet automatically adds the login name in brackets  to the User Name while running reports. This is a default setting and cannot be changed within the application until you change the 'First' or 'Last' name of the duplicate reports.

You can use a custom column code given below to avoid Login being added to the User Name in reports.

IF((RIGHT((UserName),1) = ")"), if(((UserEnabled) = 1),(UserLastName + "," +UserFirstName),(UserLastName + "," +UserFirstName + "(" +"Disabled" + ")")),UserName)

This would create a column in reports where,

  • Login would be removed from users who are enabled but use the same First and Last name.
  • Disabled would be added to duplicate users with the same First and last name, but who are disabled.


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