Some  users might encounter following error Permission denied by security module, not permitted to load entity of type Replicon.TimeSheet.Schema.ReportPeriod+Entity while trying to run API queries in Web TimeSheet test interface.

The issue might be caused if the user running the query do not have Can view All system data permissions enabled in the profile.

Enable Can view All system data in the permission of the user who is facing the error.

To enable the option follow the steps listed below:
Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative permission.
Click on the Administration tab in the top menu.
Click on Permissions in the side menu.
Locate the permission which is enabled for the user.
Click on the edit button beside the permission name.
Expand the Integration section in the options list.
Enable Can view All system data.

The permission is not enabled by default as per the existing security model.
Enabling an option in a permission, enables it for all the users having that permission.

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