Error Accessing Historical TimeSheets.

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Error: You have supervisor access to historical timesheets but you are not the supervisor of any users.Please contact your system administrator to become a supervisor or to gain full access to historical timesheets.

In versions prior to Web TimeSheet, users who were assigned "Historical Timesheet permissions (such as the ability to edit or delete timesheets) were given permissions to perform the same on all the users in Web Timesheet.Web TimeSheet has added a new sub permission under,
Permission Profile > System > Administration > Historical Timesheets
Which provides the flexibility to restrict the TimeSheet visibility of the user from Historical Timesheets to either,
For All users: Where the user would be able to view Timesheets of all the users in Web Timesheet.
For Supervise's: Users for whom the original user has been assigned as the supervisor.
The above mentioned error occurs if the user have been restricted to For Supervise's permission but user is not assigned as as supervisor for anyone in the application.

Issue can be resolved by either,

  • Enabling For All Users sub permission under Historical Timesheets. (Please note enabling this permission would allow access to Timesheets of all the users in the Application.)

    • OR
  • Add this user as the supervisor to users to whose Timesheets the user requires access from Historical Timesheets.


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